Today, Yu Haiyi who is one of our best global marketers wants to share his experience in EC21.하이2


Hello everyone, this is Yu Haiyi. I have been working here in EC21 as a part timer since Oct. 2014. 

I enjoy working here as I grow together with the company.

My first impression of EC21 when I came in the first day was the company is quite large in terms of staff and space. 

I was a bit nervous at first but things got smoothed out when our GMC manager,

 who was a friendly lady with big smiles, took us through the orientation.합체 

As I started working, I realized that my colleagues are nice, easy going and well connected with each other in such a big organization.


There are always different projects from various industries that we can work on every day. 

They are handled by different projects managers, 

so I can get to know my colleagues easily and develop my marketing experience as well as to learn about a diverse range of products.


Sometimes, I will need to conduct market research on the internet or on the phone. 

What I like about this role is that I can get to know the first hand market information and especially when talking to industry exports on the phone, I can receive most updated valuable information that is not open to outsiders. 

In EC21, I can become very knowledgeable on what the market trend in various sectors of industry is going to be and how it will change in the future.


I like working here also because they have a well-organized management system and structure of payment and they treat part-timers nicely with respect.


Although I am not a big fan of shopping, but our office is located in the world trade center adjacent to the Coex complex where big shopping malls, cinemas, restaurants, entertainment facilities are located. Everything is convenient around here working environment is second to none. I will definitely work here as long as I can.  바이 

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