Outcome sharing time

-About outcome sharing time-

To all GMC members,

 We previously had our last sharing session with the presence of all tele-marketer(GMC) and Project  manager at 27th March. Though its brief, 

to those who fail to come due to a busy schedule, we had prepared a simplified writing version for them. 

In order to develop our future direction of our performance sharing session as well as the “know-how” of our marketing activities, such event is organized for the benefits of mutual communication.

 Furthermore, being a global marketer, you can take this opportunity to discuss with your project manager freely on the development of projects, or even voice your opinion to the company representive, CEO. 

Such events include EC21’s business area and its future vision. On the other hand, the event will also include reward session for excellent marketers and sharing session by marketers for a better marketing method.

 With many new “know-how” being shared, there are new opportunities for development. 

Finally, on behalf of EC21’s and global marketer’s, this discussion was held to remedy each shortcomings and to develop together for the better future. “For a better working environment, I will do my best!”, was a promise made by the CEO and the discussion session ends joyfully. 

After the event, it was follow by a dinner feast where everyone gets to know each other better, serving the purpose of such occasion. Such meaningful event where marketers share their “know-how” and having delicious feast will be held 4 times annually, how could you miss it?

 For our next event, we will contact you 3 weeks before the scheduled date. 

In addition, we hope you will participate in the planning of our next event, a summer vacation trip !


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