To all GMC members,

We previously had our regular Membership Training for the first half of the year with our best global marketers and Project  manager at July 4th last Saturday. This event is organized for the benefits of mutual communication especially, In order to develop our future direction of our performance as well as building up reliable relationship between marketers and GMC Members.

For this meaningful event, we headed to Leisure Town located in Ga-pyeong which is the best place for enjoying water activity. While heading to the place, we shared depth conversation and gave opinions for development of Global Marketers on the bus.

There were lots of activities for us such as water slides, Blob-jump and water pools. Even more, Sunshine weather with beautiful scenery was perfect for enjoying water activities.  How exciting is it?!

After the event, it was follow by a Barbeque party where everyone gets to know each other better, serving the purpose of such occasion.

It was such meaningful event where marketers share their opinion and having fun together. I hope all global marketers can join and share the meaningful moment with us on the next event of GMC!

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