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Finally GMC(Global Marketing Center) news is opened on EC21 blog.

We will now introduce GMC that is growing with the interest of many SMEs and global marketers.


First of all, we would like to explain about the background of GMC.


As you all know, EC21 is a professional marketing firm that provides export marketing service to Korean SMEs. 

We have conducted various projects with them and as a marketer, 

the biggest difficulties were shortage of outstanding manpower and language barrier.


EC21 has been determining how to provide professional marketing to Korean SMEs while providing language support. 

Then we gained the idea of working with many foreign manpower that wish to improve business experience.


In 2012, GMC was born providing the opportunity of supporting SMEs while giving the opportunity to people with language abilities including foreign students in Korea.


Then what does GMC do in particular???

We support people by training to become global marketers of EC21 

These people earn the chance to participate in various projects directly/indirectly and learn export marketing.


In addition, we make the atmosphere of connecting people from various cultures and backgrounds. 

Other than these services, GMC invites foreign buyers in order to foster export of Korean SMEs,

participate in exhibitions by operating convention/exhibition services and cooperate with overseas network from every part of the world.

Thank youBye

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