Today, I want to share a successful case of project.


Firstly, This is Nattha, I worked for Jinmi food and Daechoeng food as soon as I got the potential list of buyers, I searched for the information about each buyer, I look for their products and their profile through a company website to seek for their interest and that could realize me the possibility of them to purchase the products I want to promote to them


The product is Daecheong's Korean gilled seaweeds and Jinmi's Kimchi

Project manager: Gil Ah Park, Sung Sing Jo

Global marketer: Nattha(Thailand)

After getting enough information about the buyers, I called them, and kindly represent the products to the buyers. 

I always ask what kind of product they are looking for, so I can send the right catalogue of the products to them later. 

Fort this time, one buyer which is INTERUNIQUE Company from Thailand, 

told me that they are searching for various kinds of products from South Korea to be distributed in Thailand.


Therefore, I tried asking for more details if she has any specific type of products she used to imported or anything she wanted so that can help me promoting the products to her easily.


Luckily, INTERUNIQUE was interested in Korean food and snack which is definitely matched with my project. 

So, I told her it would be our honor to have a meeting with them. 

So, we can promote our products to her directly and she can taste our impressive product. I also confirm her that she would not be disappointed. Fortunately, after second called, the purchasing manager said they have a plan to visit Korea for some exhibition. 

So, if the time is possible, she can meet. therefore, I tried dealing for the most favorable time for the meeting between the buyers and sellers


On January 29th, there was a face to face meeting with one buyer from Thailand INTERUNIQUE company. It was a very good opportunity to learn so many useful information about Thailand market and realize Thai people's demand and supply directly from Thai buyer


Before meeting, I and my project manager studied every detail about the products to get ready for the consultation. 

From this process, it was very good time to know more about the products and study expertly about the products.

Normally, we sit and consult directly with a buyer. To get the right information and advice from a buyer and make the consultation proceed smoothly. 

I as a global marketer is in charge of translating, recording and nothing the message the buyer said. after that, if there is any significant information and favorable advice about the products, the message will be sent to project manager  


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